Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shop 'til you drop!

Remember that $25 gift certificate I won to TPT store?  Well, boy am I glad I held onto it because it is going to be so useful tomorrow when I finally get to purchase the things in my cart.  I can not believe it has taken me this long to discover all the AMAZING things at TPT and Teacher's Notebook.  WOW.  Yet another thing I love about joining the blogging world; my eyes have been opened to a whole new world.  Sometimes I daydream about how AWESOME it would be to teach in a school with all my fellow blogging teachers.  Can you imagine that awesomeness?  A school full of teachers who LOVE to share and are incredibly creative.  Ahhhh...if only.

So back to my shopping cart.  It has been a week long shopping trip!  Every night this week I have been shopping on TPT and adding item after item to my wishlist.  Tonight I sat down and filtered through making sure I only added enough to my cart to stay within budget.  The goal was to make sure I didn't go over my $25 gift certificate.  Well, I almost met the goal.  I figure that once I get the added 10% discount that starts tomorrow I should only be over by $5.00 $15.00.  Yes, I am proud of the discipline I have shown.  So here's a look into my shopping cart, these are the items that will be downloaded tomorrow as soon as the transaction is complete!  I am crazy excited:)

From Nicole Lanier of Lanier's Lions I'll be the proud new owner of this great pack that will be a HUGE time saver for this "new-to-kindergarten" teacher!

Number Math Centers

From Jessica Standford of Mrs. Stanford's Class I'll be purchasing these super-cute monthly reading logs. I love how simple this will be for parent's, kids, and ME to keep up with!

 Home Reading Logs (per month)
These reading logs will fit into my Bee Binders perfectly!  Visit my post on the Amazing Mrs. Meacham for more information about Bee Binders...or just check out this great Bee Book packet from Mrs. McHaffie of Beg, Borrow, Steal.  I was so excited to find this product because now my BEE binders will be even BETTER than before:)

 BEE Book Binder

And I just LOVE so many products from Caitlin Clabby of Kindergarten Smiles especially this one:

Common Core Math Hot Seats (Kindergarten)

AND this one:

Our Daily Schedule Cards
Tammy from Live, Love, Laugh Everday in Kindergarten has some amazing things as well but I am MOST excited about these ten-frame number posters...great for subitizing! (this is one of my favorite words btw...I just think it is fun to say!)

Number Posters 0-20 {Bright Polka Dots and Stripes}

Marsha McGuire of A Differentiated Kindergarten has an UHMAZZING store and I had to be very careful while shopping her's like the Target of department stores.  Really, if I had the money I would probably download all her things.  But, again, I disciplined myself and picked my two favorite and what I predict to be the most useful items..

Top Bananas-A Letter Mastery Unit Aligned to Common Core

And last but not least are these great playdough mats from Tina Larivie of Laugh, Live, Love, Learn:

 ABC and 25 High Frequency Word Work Mats 

So that's it!  I can't wait to download all these wonderful new resources and put them to use this year.  YAY for gift certificates to TPT!


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I think I figured out how to put the followers on. thanks for commenting and I hope you stop by again to be my first follower. love your blog.

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I so wish you were B's K teacher this year. Like really.

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@ The Pitter Pat Botique - Awwww...that's a super sweet thing to say Elou!:)

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