About Me

I am a thirty-something mother of two precious children and the wife to a very handsome and supportive police officer!  I became a teacher because it was my calling and I have loved every minute of it...well most of it;) I have taught all grades kindergarten-third, in four different schools, in seven different classrooms.  I am not afraid of change and know without a doubt that the variety of experiences that I have had since teaching, will one day be super beneficial.  My goal is to eventually work as a curriculum coordinator, lead teacher, or something similar outside of the classroom where my main job will be helping teachers teach!  My long-term and ultimate goal is to work with college students.

My favorite thing about teaching is the contagious laughter of my students.  No matter how stressful things are outside of the classroom, I can always step into my room and immediately forget about everything because I get to be surrounded by 20-something smiling faces and sweet hugs.  How great is that?

I love blog-hopping, pinning (I will assume almost everyone knows what this is by now), reading, singing (although I have absolutely NO musical talent), my church, organizing, and shopping (for anything other than clothes).  The most important things in the world to me are God, my husband, my kids, and of course the rest of my family and my many amazing friends!  Although I am a devoted teacher, I am a mother first and foremost. I take joy in every moment I have with my sweethearts (well most of them...expect for the ones that involve dirty diapers or tantrums!).

I am always happy to eat anything that is or contains chocolate.  My favorite meal is spaghetti with pickles and has been for as long as I can remember!  I am totally in love with Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Michal Buble, and Rod Stewart.  If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Ireland:)



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