Monday, July 22, 2013

Social Media What What?

My son is currently obsessed with the movie, Hotel Transylvania. There is a scene in the movie where Dracula is talking to his teenage daughter about Hawaii and her reaction to it is to say "Ha-what-what?" I think it's hilarious and have sense started adding what-what to the end of anything I'm confused about. Yes. I can be a bit dorkish or should I say dor-what-what? *laughing and slapping my knee* I put a link to the clip from the movie at the end of the post just in case you want to laugh with me.

So you see those cute little colored circles at the top of my left side bar? The ones that invite you to follow me? Well, I have wanted those for a long time but never had a clue how to get them (I do realize that I now have two buttons for bloglovin' but I don't want to get rid of the obvious one that says "follow me on bloglovin" until more people become familiar with it's icon). When I sat down last night I didn't even know how to google the directions because I had no idea what they are called. I tried "facebook button", "follow me badges", and many other unsuccessful names. Finally I figured out that they are called social media icons. Social Medi-What-What?

Once I figured out what they are called it was just a matter of finding some I liked, downloading the images, and linking them to my blog.  Of course I went about it the hard way at first.  I started out by downloading the images on flicker to get an image URL.  I got url's without much difficulty but then couldn't make them load or link on my page the right way.  After several unsuccessful hours of trying last night, I got frustrated and gave up!  Let me just insert here that I am not a techy dumby! I do pretty good with all tech-related things on a typical basis but for some reason this very simple task turned out to be quite daunting for me.  So in the event that there are other bloggers out there feeling my pain I wanted to share what was finally my saving grace.  Check out this super simple and easy to follow tutorial.  Thank you Youtube!

And if you are curious about the movie clip...


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