Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Linky Party- Favorite Classroom Songs

So I have decided that I want to use this blog as a virtual time for hallway chat.  Do you know what I mean when I say hallway chat?  I am talking about all the invaluable discussions and collaboration that happens in between classes, during transitions, before school, and after school when you meet up with colleagues in the hallway for that unplanned and informal collaboration time.  In fact, as I was taking a shower about two days ago (this is where some of my best ideas come to, I thought about changing the name of my blog to "Hallway Chat" but then decided that was entirely too much work and would require more time than I was willing to give!  But I think it would be a fabulous name for a teaching blog since really that is exactly what we are all doing here.  We have created the largest and busiest hallway, full of excited, talented, and creative teachers who LOVE to share.

So, today I am stepping out in the hall to ask: What songs do you use in your classroom on a regular basis?  I am particularly interested in good morning and transition songs.  I started thinking about this yesterday during my daily (or weekly...but who's counting?) run.  I heard an awesome song by Mandisa called "Good Morning".  I can just picture my little kinders starting the day by dancing to this song after or during our morning meeting...of course we would probably only do a portion of the song since it's kinda long but serioulsy, don't you think this would be a great start to the day?  I think the kiddos would especially enjoy the part featuring TobyMac rapping!

So anyway, the best way to have a virtual hallway chat is with a linky party!  So let's do it! Be sure to use this image at the top of your post to create a link back here so others can join in:  

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Miss School Potato said...

Hi, Rachel!
I love your analogy about "hallway chat"! Love the Good Morning's so upbeat!! I linked up. :)


K is for Kinderrific said...

I think "hallway chat" would be a great name for a blog! That really is what we're all doing here!!! Thanks for the linky--I think it's a great idea...can't wait to see what other songs people love!

Debbie :-)
K is for Kinderrific

Teaching Fabulous Firsties! said...

Hi Rachel,
I’m one of your new followers. I am a Newbie Blogger, so I appreciate all of the sharing of advice and ideas. I think your idea of a hallway chat is perfect. There seems to not be any time available for chatting at school, so blogging is a great place for that.
Come on over for a visit sometime.
Corinna ;)
Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

Laura said...

Thanks for hosting another fun linky party!

Unknown said...

I can totally see my kids be-bopping to this song! Thanks!
-Leslie @KindergartenWorks

Pam Ballingall said...

I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up:

Heather's Heart said...

Hallway Chat is so true!

I love that song. I just downloaded it. I'll try and remember to come back and link up. Conscious Discipline has some great songs that are designed for morning meeting times and brain breaks. My kiddos love them.

Heather's Heart

Sandi said...

I think music in the classroom is such a good teaching and management tool - and it's fun!
I am a new follower.

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Ashley Dudeck said...

Love that song! I might actually need to download it for a ringtone for myself! :) I use music in the classroom all the time... but not specifically for transitions. I play music while the kids are working. They love listening to Kids Bop or movie soundtracks! :)

Ashley @ Fierce in Fourth

Carla said...

Hi Rachel,
Thank you for hosting this linky party! I am a total newbie - how do I put the linky party button in my post? Thank you for any help!! :)

Playful Learning Brooklyn

Christy said...

This linky party was such a GOOD idea!...My best ideas come to me when I wake up in the middle of the night. Of course I usually forget them when I wake up. :)

Ms. Jessica said...

Love the connection to "hallway chat!" and that good morning song! This is a fabulous idea for a linky party! I'm a new follower :)

A Turn to Learn

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