Thursday, July 19, 2012

Symbaloo Who???

Oh do I have some awesome things for you!  I went to a SMART conference today.  The goal of the conference was to give you training and resources to use in a SMART ready classroom.  What I mean is...a room with a SMART board, SMART response, etc..  But guess what?  You don't have to have a SMART board to use all this stuff.  Anyone with a projector (for the classroom) or a computer (for at home use) can enjoy the things I want to share with you tonight!

How many of you have heard of Surely I am not the only one who heard of it today for the first time ever.  It is so AWESOME and will definitely be helpful to me this year.  It's like a pinterest board for websites, but it looks like the screen of an iphone or ipad with all the apps just ready to be tapped.

I haven't had the time to set up my own for sharing yet, but trust me, I will have my own symbaloo very soon!  This is a picture of the symbaloo created by one of my trainers today.  You can click on the image and it will link you to her symbaloo.  This particular one is set up for interactive white board activities.  But notice that the top of the page has several tabs so symbaloo can be used for any category you'd like!

I want to tell you about some other great resources but think I will have to save those for tomorrow because my eyes are getting a bit droopy.  Little man came waltzing into the my room at 6am this morning, wide awake and ready to party, 6 am was a long time ago...

I go back to the conference tomorrow and will share all the great things they share with me this weekend.  I will go ahead and point you  in the direction of another awesome resource. This is a GREAT site for interactive online actvities for k-2 and are you ready for the best news....they are all aligned to common core...WOO HOO!:)  Thank you Utah!

For those of you who aren't teachers but have young kids of your own, you'll love this one as well!  Again, just click on the image:

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Brenda said...

I symbaloo! I have a personal symbaloo & one for my students. My grade level actually sent out a symbaloo link as part of our summer packet! Love it!
Primary Inspired

Miss Pasqua said...

Hello :) Thhose are some pretty cool websites! Thanks for sharing!

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