Sunday, July 22, 2012

Picture Book Giveaway Reminder

I'm almost there friends! Just 7 more followers to go before I can do the drawing for the picture book giveaway. I am so excited about meeting so many new and fabulous teachers!


Ms.Lee @ Calling Plays in 2nd Grade said...

Glad I found you. I'm your newest follower. if you get a chance please visit my blog @ Calling Plays in 2nd Grade.

Tina721 said...

You did it!! I'm your 25th follower! Woo-Hoo! I can't wait to read your blog posts! Come over to my blog if you get a chance, I am trying to get followers as well! Thanks!
Laugh Live Love Learn

Anonymous said...

I have nominated you for an award! Come check it out on my blog! :)

Ms. G In Grade 3

Garima said...


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